Attendance PolicyΒΆ

If you RSVP for an event and later find out that you can’t make it, please cancel your RSVP or notify the host. Otherwise, the host has the right to give you a no-show. If you accrue 3 no-shows within a year, your membership in the group will be suspended for 3 months.

In general, hosts will not be quick to dole out no-shows. However, if your failure to attend results in inconvenience for the host or other members, then it’s quite likely you’ll get a no-show. Some examples:

  • The host schedules a dinner event with a waitlist. If you no-showed, then you prevented another member from taking your spot.
  • The host makes a restaurant reservation and the number of attendees is far fewer than expected. If you no-showed, then you caused the host to over-reserve tables, which looks bad for the host and can hurt our relationships with local venues.
  • A conversation meetup has fewer than the minimum number of attendees. If you no-showed, then you wasted the host’s time by causing her to host an event that should’ve been cancelled.

In the case where failure to attend results in the host losing money, the affected host can ban you from all her future events.

Members with a recent history of no-shows get lower priority than other members when RSVPing to events with limited attendance.